Frequently Asked Questions

What are your trading hours

Our office is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Mondays to Fridays and you can call us any time during those hours. We do not open Weekends or Public Holidays. If you wish to contact us during the hours we are closed you can email us. We monitor the email fairly regularly and will respond to urgent requests.

Where do I lodge my Pet and where do I collect My Pet?

If your Pet is flying Domestically with one of these Airlines the freight handling agent that loads and unloads the Aircraft is Qantas Freight (formerly Australian Air Express);

  • Qantas
  • Rex
  • Air North

Contact Details for their Depot locations can be found on this link;

In most cases the depot is is at or near the Airport but there are some exceptions so please confirm with us when you make your booking. At most locations you can lodge the Pet yourself but at some of the larger Cities we are required to be present when you Pet is lodged so we will give you a meeting time when you make your booking.

Sometimes we may also book your Pet on a Qantas Flight through a Cargo Agent called Toll Air Express. We will advise you if this is the case.

Their Depot locations can be found on this link;

If your Pet is flying Domestically with Virgin Australia their freight handling service is called Virgin Cargo.

Their Depot locations can be found on this link;


If your Pet is flying Internationally it will need to be lodged by one of our Agents so we can collate and sign the paperwork and clear security. For this reason we collect all Pets traveling Internationally well in advance and for departures before 2:00pm we will need to collect your Pet the day before the flight.

Where will my crate be?

If you hire a crate from us we will usually leave it at the Depot so it is ready for your use when you arrive. Some depots do not permit us to leave our Client’s crates on site due to storage restrictions. In this case we will either meet you at the depot with the crate(s) when you drop off your Pets or post the crate to your home address (if you have a small Pet). If we are picking up your Pet in one of our Pet Taxis we will bring your crate with us.

Can I take the crate home with me?

At the time of booking a Domestic Flight you can choose to either hire a crate from us, purchase a crate from us or supply your own crate. If you choose to hire a crate from us you MUST leave it at the Airport. It is a Federal Offence to remove our hire crates from any Australian Airport and we will prosecute offenders. For small Pets, especially Cats, it is well worth spending a little extra to purchase the crate so they can travel home with you in their crate. We do not hire crates for International Movements so if we have supplied a crate for the flight it is yours to keep.

What happens if my Pet soils it's crate during the flight?

We ask all Customers not to feed their Pets for at least 12 hours before the flight and give them plenty of exercise. A pet will not be loaded onto an Aircraft if it’s crate has been soiled and Airline staff are not allowed to take Pets out of the crate and clean the  crates themselves. This means we will be called in to clean the crate and in most cases the flight will be closed by the time we can get your Pet ready to go again. If we have to make a special trip to the Airport to clean a soiled crate we will charge you for it. Please also note if your Pet is transiting through another Airport it may be delayed at that Airport if it soils the crate en-route. Soiled crates are one of the most common causes of late arrivals and missed connections and the only solution is not to feed your Pet before the flight. They should be given water as normal.

I am traveling on the same flight as my Pet, can I take it as excess Baggage?

Some Airlines allow Pets to be taken as excess baggage but if you want to do this you must book it with the Airline, we can only accept freight bookings.

I am taking my Pet as excess Baggage and need a crate, where can I get one?

We sell a full range of crates and can send one to you in the post or consign it to the Airport your Pet is departing from. We do not hire crates to be used for Pets traveling as Excess Baggage but there are some other Companies that offer this service.

Will my Pet be given water during the flight?

Our Hire Crates have water dishes in them in and if you are supplying a crate yourself you need to ensure it has a water dish. After your Pet is lodged at the Airport we don’t normally have access to it (unless there is some issue that the Airline notifies us about). The Airline staff can provide water as long as there is a dish fitted. If your Pet has a connecting flight we recommend cable tying a frozen water bottle to the door of the crate. The ice will melt during the flight and the condensation will form on the outside of the bottle. Your Pet will then be able to lick the condensation. Another option is to install a “drip feeder” bottle in the crate. If your Pet has a particularly long transit we will arrange a comfort stop (give water, clean the crate, dogs are taken for a walk).

On International Flights Pets are given fresh water at each Airport they pass through.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by bank deposit or credit card. 2 % surcharge applies to card payments. If you choose to pay by bank deposit we will give you our bank details when you make your booking. We do not accept cash payments on the day of the flight as the flights have to be booked in advance.

What happens if I need to cancel my Pet's flight?

For Domestic Bookings you will charged for crate hire if you arranged to hire a crate from us and we have already set it up at the Airport. You will also be charged a $50 fee for booking the flight and $25 fee for each Pet Taxi that was reserved to transport your Pet(s). The balance of your payment will be refunded.

For International Bookings the cancellation fee is $500 and the balance of your payment will be refunded.