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May 7th, 2017 by Peter | Category: Pet Transport News

Clients have reported to us it can be hard to compare apples with apples when getting quotes to move to New Zealand. The NZ requirements are a bit tricky and different Companies quote on different levels of service. So here is a summary of how exports from Australia to NZ work.

If you have Dogs to go to New Zealand they must have a blood test and parasite treatment 15 or 16 days before they depart (14 or 15 days for Perth Customers because it is an overnight flight). Cats must have the first Vet check between 15 and 30 days before the flight. Cats just get the parasite treatment, the blood test is not required.

Dogs and Cats both must have a second Vet check within 48 hours of departure when they get a second dose of parasite treatment.

Both Vet Consults must be done by an Export Certified Vet unless you live more than 100km from the nearest export Vet. We can advise you where your nearest Export Vet is.

After the second Vet Consult we get the export permit, board the Pets overnight (except Perth departures) and take them to the Airport the next day.

When they arrive in one of the 3 NZ Aiports that has a Border Inspection Post (Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington) they must be cleared through Customs before they can be taken home or transferred to a Domestic Flight to another Airport. Note that Pets can only arrive on a weekday and only during Business Hours when Customs are open otherwise they get transferred into Quarantine upon arrival (which is expensive and not desirable).

Our standard quotes to New Zealand only include the services where is is more economical for us to do it ourselves, i.e provide travel crate, collect your Pet(s) and attend the second vet check, collect the permit, arrange the flight and transfer your Pets to the Airport and lodge them on the flight. We do not include the first Vet Check in our standard quote because generally it will be cheaper if you arrange this yourself.

If your final destination is Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington we also do not include the Clearance fees in our standard quote because again it will be cheaper for you do it yourself. If your final destination is somewhere else in NZ you will notice our quote does include Clearance fees because we can’t get your Pet to other Ports without clearing them first at the Border Inspection Post.

If you get a quote from another Company you may notice that their services include the first Vet Check and the Customs Clearance. Obviously we can also provide these services (as well as deliveries to your NZ residence) and are happy to do so for those Customers who require them, it’s your choice.

So if you are having any trouble comparing quotes to get your Pets to NZ please call us to discuss. We are confident we can provide you with the best value for money, whatever services you may (or may not) require.